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We will send you a monthly newsletter with all of the best deals we have found. Get in quick though because some of the freebies will be limited.

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We don’t want you to miss out!

Our website is updated daily, so check in with us daily for the best UK free things online.

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Fill in your details.

When you have decided on the freebie that you like the look off, simply click on the link and fill out your details. Your freebie will be winging its way to you.

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Double check your details.

Always make sure that your contact details are correct. You wouldn’t want your freebie going to someone else.

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Put a freebie to good use.

If you don’t want the freebie that you received you could, donate it to charity, give it to a friend or even sell it on eBay and make some extra cash.

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Create another email address.

You can have as many email addresses as you like. So why not dedicate one for all your free stuff correspondence. Also it’s the best way to see what deal you might be interested in.

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Tell your friends and family about us.

All of our offers are genuine offers from legitimate companies, with some offers worth quite a bit of money. So spread the word!

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Tell us your tips!

If you have any top tips, get in contact with us and share your wisdom.

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Send us your review!

When you get your freebie, why not leave us a comment or send us a link to a video reviewing the freebie. You can let the world how good it feels to get free thing!